Spending time with Jesus


Almost everyone today is busy in their daily work. Many times we can feel that there is not enough time in the day to get everything done. Time, is something we all treasure, something we wish we had more of, but it just seems to slip so quickly through our fingers. In Luke 10:38-42, when Jesus went to the house of Martha and Mary: Martha was busy working and did not have time to sit with Jesus. On the other hand, Mary seized opportunity to spend time with Jesus. Mary knew the work would always be done and therefore did not want to loose that moment to spend time with Jesus. Spending time with God connects us to Him and allows us to know Him in a special way. It is fun to spend time with God and we can relate to Him just as we would a close friend. Spending time with God provides us with strength, peace, power, wisdom, guidance, protection, deliverance, favour, and many more. God wants us to enjoy life in fullness and therefore wants us to to spend time with Him. When we spend time studying the Word of God, praying, praising and giving thanks to God for who He is; it changes us and makes us strong to endure whatever challengers that comes our way. There are certain challengers that we face and  do not know what to do. When we spend time with God through His Word, He reveals Himself to us and directs us on what to do. God speaks to us through His Word. Therefore, when we spend time in praying, we demonstrate our dependency upon Him for our every need. In Mark 1:35, Jesus made His time with God a priority and set the example for how we are to spend time with God. Let us recognize those special moments when God calls us to spend time with Him. When He knocks at the door of our hearts to spend time with Him, we should not answer with “I am busy, tired or sleeping therefore come back when I’m less busy or when I have finished sleeping. We should welcome Him and enjoy His presence. He loves us so much and want to always spend time with us.


Scriptures for reading

  • Mathew 6:6

  • Luke 10:38-42

  • Mark 6:45-46

  • Mark 14:32-34

  • Luke 5:16

  • Luke 6:12

  • Psalm 42:1-2

  • John 15:4-15

  • Exodus 33:9-11

  • Psalm 5:3

  • Daniel 6:10

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