Words for Patience

Job endured every kind of loss; the loss of money, possessions, family, health, and even support from his friends. In all these trials Job did not lose hope in God. Things became so bad that his wife asked him to “renounce God and die!” Job did not sin with his lips but continued to remain faithful to God. In the end, God rewarded and restored double for all Job lost (Job 1, 2). Many people become impatient, frustrated, and fretful when faced with trials. At times they become frustrated when they’ve prayed and believe God for a breakthrough, and it seems like nothing is happening. Let us look at the story of the parable of the farmer Jesus spoke of in Mark 4:26-28. The farmer sows his seed in the ground and goes on his way, sleeping and rising. The farmer does not know when the harvest will come. His job is to keep vigil over the seed he has sown until harvest time. Patience is the ability not to give up when faced with a challenge. Patience is a virtue that requires cultivation. We are to learn to trust God to guide us through all trials we face and consider them as a joy, because they are going to turn out to be a blessing to us. Whatever trial you are facing in life, be like the farmer and leave everything into the hands of God. All things will work out for your good.

Scriptures for reading

  • Luke 8:15

  • Romans 2:6-7

  • Psalm 37:7-9

  • Romans 8:24-25

  • Romans 12:12

  • James 1:1-4

  • James 5:7-8

  • Isaiah 40:31

  • Ephesian 4:1-2

  • Mark 4:26-28

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