How to tame your anger

Like other human emotions, anger is an emotion. It is a feeling of annoyance, disagreement or displeasure. People have different ways of expressing their anger; some can be aggressive, swearing, threatening, disrespect, violent and lashing out physically hitting others or breaking things. Others hide their anger inside themselves and feel unable to let it out. Anger is dangerous and can cause destruction. It can destroy marriages, friendship, businesses, health, family and many more. Anger is a tool that Satan uses to stop people to live in unity and under God’s blessings. Second Timothy 2:24 teaches us not to fight with one another. Instead, we need to be kind and loving to everyone. In 1 Samuel 25, there was a very great man who lived in Moan and his name was Nabal. David sent his men to this man called Nabal to get them some food. Nabal was stubborn and hard to the men and would not favour them. When David received Nabal’s response from his men, he got angry and had wanted to annihilate him because he felt insulted. David’s motive against Nabal was controlled by Abigail’s wise words. James chapter 3 teaches us to use wisdom in everything we do and not allowing bitterness, envy and anger in our hearts. This may not be easy to do however if we can demonstrate our love to one another as we love ourselves, we would be gentle, merciful and be kind to anyone who would provoke us. When someone do us wrong, instead of building up anger we must be slow to it (anger) and walk away. By walking away you have peace within yourself and you become victorious. Why? Because in that heat of the moment, the other party would expect you to retaliate to his anger but you walking away would bring peace. God has equipped us to walk in love, peace gentleness, Kindness, patience, showing mercy and forgiving. We can therefore become overcomers if we allow God to take care of us. James chapter 3 talks more about anger and how to overcome it in your life by the grace of God and all the scriptures listed below. God bless you.

Scriptures for reading

  • 1 Samuel 24

  • 1 Samuel 25

  • James 1:19-20

  • James 3

  • James 4

  • Ephesians 4:26-32

  • Proverb 29:11

  • Ecclesiastes 7:9

  • Colossians 3:7-9

  • Proverb 22:24

  • Proverb 14:29

  • Matthew 5:22-25

  • Psalm 37:8

  • 2 Timothy 2:23-24