When a person has been repeatedly hurt by others, there comes a time when they make up their mind that enough is enough and take matters into their own hands to find a way of dealing with it. So often, the end result of abuse is hurt and low self-esteem. Being abused is something that really affects one’s life style and may go on until it stops with support/ God’s help. When we read the story about Jesus in Mathew 27:27-34, we see how the soldiers stripped Him and platted a crown of thorns to put on His head. They spat at Him, accused Him and crucified Him of things He did not do. Whatever you are going through right now, just remember that Jesus loves you and went through hurt and pain as you have or are going through. Jesus is aware of your circumstance and you are the very person He died for. In Mathew 9:12 Jesus said He came that the sick would be made whole. The Blood of Jesus, when applied to your life by faith, is able to erase every form of abuse you’ve been through. Choose God and His ways, apply the victory that Jesus won at the cross to your life, and watch Him work for you. God is mindful of you and cares for you. He loves you.

Scriptures for reading

  • Matthew 27:27-37

  • Matthew 9:12-13

  • Nehemiah 4:14

  • Psalm 18:47-48

  • 1 Samuel 15:23

  • Psalm 20:7

  • Psalm 86:5-6

  • Matthew 11:2

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