About Us

Everyday Inspirational Words is a Christian organisation sharing the Word of God to people globally where we aim to "Inspire Lives Daily". EIW aims to help bring transformation into the lives of people through Inspirational Words, Words of Encouragement, Counselling, Prayers, Sermons, Inspirational Hour, Gospel Music, Interactive Sessions and Diverse topics i.e. youth related issues, family, marriage and many more.


We also have an internet based radio station where the aim of this radio station is to inspire, encourage, motivate and counsel people with words of inspiration from the Bible and preaching as well as Gospel music. You can listen to the Inspirational Breakfast Show from 7 -10am Monday - Friday, Woman 121 10 - 10:30 am Mon - Friday and Talk with Bre on every last Saturday of the month from 8pm - 9pm.


We do offer counselling and prayer services. If there is any issue you would like to discuss for counselling or for prayers do complete the form on the contact us page and we shall get back to you.


Furthermore if there is a particular area in your life that you need God’s inspirational Words and you cannot find it on the website do get in contact with us and we will include it for us to share.


Finally we offer teachings pertaining to Inspirations, Encouragement and Juvenile matters in the Word of God. This is by invitation only so if you desire us to visit your establishment please get in contact with us and I shall get back to you.


David and Mariscar Manford,

Founders of EIW